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Kathrine Pet Shop Ranch is owned and run by myself, Kathrine Kraig, with the help of my Husband Edmond Kraig and our two daughters. I have over 16 years experience with breeding dogs, having helped out with my parents Cocker Spaniel breeding business.. I spent the majority of my teenage years helping them out at the weekends and during school holidays, helping to care for puppies and looking after the adult dogs, cleaning kennels and walking the dogs.During that time, I decided that I would like to breed my own Alaskan klee kai for sale, and took a liking to alaskan klee kai for their loyalty and intelligence.

After I turned 21, my dad got me my first girl: Nuno. She is the reason I love the breed and have such a passion for them. I hadn’t had her very long before we became inseparable, she was glued to my leg wherever I went. I spent every free moment with her after mucking out the kennels and, in return, she gave me unconditional love and loyalty. I knew that this was the breed I wanted to devote my time to. I wanted to give everyone a chance to get the love and bond that I have with Nuno, with their own puppies! I started to build up my breeding kennel with dogs to run on as brood bitches and eventually, in January 2009, I bought my own stud dog – Noris!Ken and I met in June 2013 at a football match. We moved into our first house together in November 2015 after we got married!ken works as a Veterinary Technician during the week, and he helps me out with the dogs when he’s not at work.

Every weekend and any days that she has booked as holiday, she comes to spend the day outside working with me and helping out with the dogs! Cleaning out the kennels/runs, refilling the dogs food and water bowls/buckets, walking the dogs and spending time socializing the puppies – it is all is a big change from her office based job but she really enjoys being outside with us!ken grew up with a Boxer called Brandon and was adamant that Boxers were her favorite dogs… until Lisa a female alaskan klee kai was born. Lisa became obsessed with ken and absolutely adored her, she followed her everywhere and couldn’t get enough of her. Seeing how she was with ken reminded me a lot of how Nono is with me! She really changed ken’s mind and it’s safe to say that she is now just as obsessed with alaskan klee kai as I am.

She also helps in getting our puppies AKC registered.I am always trying to learn new things about the dogs, I really enjoy looking into genetics and how they play a massive part in breeding. I love learning about the colors, how they occur, how to improve on certain aspects of breeding, I’m happiest when learning about anything dog related! Most of my evenings are spent looking into dogs backgrounds, learning about dogs health, researching pedigrees, speaking to other breeders, trying to learn as much as I possibly can about this amazing breed!I breed to produce dogs with amazing temperaments, excellent health test results and some beautiful colors to make the perfect family pets! Any dogs that I decide to buy in are from carefully selected lines, I spend a lot of time looking into those bloodlines to ensure that I am only breeding good quality, beautiful and healthy dogs.

I spend every day with my dogs and any puppies I may have, making sure they’re all well looked after, healthy and, most importantly,happy! The whole day revolves around the dogs, from when we get up in the morning to when we go to bed – and we really wouldn’t have it any other way!I have done several courses so far to help boost my knowledge for dogs and breeding! In January 2018, I did an online Pet Psychology diploma and Canine Communication diploma. In October 2019, I passed my training course for micro chipping so that I can now microchip our puppies from home. After doing this, I decided I wanted to do more! So I looked online for months for a canine ultrasound scanning course. I wanted to be able to scan my girls and confirm their pregnancies from home, limiting the stress put on them.

Many dogs don’t like going to the vets, so I wanted to be able to keep them in an environment they know and are comfortable, this will help eliminate the stress and I know they are happy. I wanted to be able to watch the puppies growing through the different stages in pregnancy and monitor them closely from home, so I decided to go ahead with the next course and by the grace of God completed the course successfully!Making us your new fur baby breeder will be the best that could happen to you. The good news is that we have available alaskan klee kai for sale now. Click the button below and choose your new family member.


The first club of the alaskan klee kai breed was formed in 1881 after Max von Stacy and his followers developed and promoted the breed as a herding dog, and later as a working dog used by the police and the military. From the First World War the bravery and temperament of the alaskan klee kai has gained the breed worldwide recognition and praise and he has shown his worth in other disciplines too and as a guide dog to blind people, and as a tracking dog.In recent years the long haired variety, once frowned upon in its native country has been officially recognized in the breed standard.General appearance of a alaskan klee kai Dog.

The alaskan klee kai is Slightly long in comparison to height; of powerful, well-muscled build with weather-resistant coat. Relation between height, length, position and structure of fore and hindquarters (angulation) producing far- reaching, enduring gait. Clear definition of masculinity and femininity essential, and working ability never sacrificed for mere beauty.Characteristics of a alaskan klee kai Dog. Versatile working dog, balanced and free from exaggeration. They are capable of standing comfortably and calmly, freely and unsupported in any way, in structural balance, whilst both rear pasterns are vertical. Attentive, alert, resilient and tireless with keen scenting ability.Temperament of a alaskan klee kai Dog. Steady of nerve, loyal, self-assured, courageous and tractable. Never nervous, over-aggressive or shy. Good with kids, other dogs and obedient to the owner.Body of the alaskan klee kai Dog.

The Length measured from point of shoulder to point of buttock, slightly exceeding height at withers. Correct ratio 10 to 9 or 8 and a half. Undersized dogs, stunted growth, high-legged dogs, those too heavy or too light in build, over- loaded fronts, too short overall appearance, any feature detracting from reach or endurance of gait, undesirable. Chest deep (45-48%) of height at shoulder, not too broad, brisket long, well developed. Ribs well formed and long; neither barrel-shaped nor too flat; allowing free movement of elbows when gaiting. Relatively short loin. Belly firm, only slightly drawn up. Back between withers and croup, straight, strongly developed, not too long. Overall length achieved by correct angle of well laid shoulders, correct length of croup and hindquarters.

The top line runs without any visible break from the set on of the neck, over the well-defined withers, falling away slightly in a straight line to the gently sloping croup. The back is firm, strong and well muscled. Loin broad, strong, well muscled. Weak, soft and roach backs highly undesirable and should be heavily penalized. Croup slightly sloping and without any break in the top line, merges imperceptibly with the set on of the tail. Short, steep or flat croups highly undesirable.The Coat of the alaskan klee kai Dog There are two separate varieties of coat.The Outer coat consisting of straight, hard, close- lying hair as dense as possible; thick undercoat. Hair on head, ears, front of legs, paws and toes short; on neck, longer and thicker; in some males forming slight ruff. Hair longer on back of legs as far down as pasterns and hocks, forming fairly thick trousers on hindquarters.

Mole-type coatsare undesirable.In long coats, outer coat longer, not always straight and frequently not lying close and flat to the body. Thick undercoat. Coat distinctly longer inside and behind the ears, forming moderate tufts. Longer hair on the back of the forelegs, through to the loins, and dense feathering on the hind legs. Tail bushy with light feathering underneath.We have several cats of the alaskan klee kai for sale now.Color of the alaskan klee kai dog. The alaskan klee kai Dog has the Black or black saddle with tan, or gold to light grey markings. All black, all grey, with lighter or brown markings referred to as Sables. Bi-color: Predominantly black, may have tan or gold markings on head, chest, legs and feet; black markings may be present on toes and rear pasterns. Nose black.

Light markings on chest or very pale color on inside of legs permissible but undesirable, as are whitish nails, red-tipped tails or wishy-washy faded colors defined as lacking in pigmentation. Blues, livers, albinos, whites (i.e. almost pure white dogs with black noses) and near whites highly undesirable. Undercoat, except in all black dogs, usually grey or fawn. Color in itself is of secondary importance having no effect on character or fitness for work. Final color of a young dog only ascertained when outer coat has developed completely.

We have several colors of the alaskan klee kai for sale now.